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kitchen remodeling estimates

Kitchen remodeling estimates

Our kitchen remodeling company will gladly create a kitchen layout of your dream and will provide a free estimated cost for your project

kitchen cabinet accessories

Kitchen cabinet accessories

Expend your kitchen cabinet storage capacity with optional cabinet accessories, kitchen cabinet drawers and organizers

bathroom remodeling estimates

Bathroom remodeling estimates

Our bathroom remodeling specialists will transform your bathroom into home spa. Call now to shedule your free bathroom remodeling estimate 2215-355-4747

bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities

Select from our gorgeous vanity collection to style your bathhroom the way you want. Choose from traditional, modern, or contemporary styles

Kitchen cabinets styles and colors

Welcome to our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities collection! We are proud to offer the biggest selection of kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities on the internet. All kitchen furniture and vanities are available in custom made color and size. All cabinets can be fully customized, be it a kitchen base cabinet, kitchen wall cabinet, lazy Susan cabinet or any other cabinetry, we will manufacture them the way you like it.

For your convenience we provide on our website sample doors of kitchen cabinets and vanity. Most of our kitchen and bath cabinets are arranged into styles and categories. You can order cabinets of your favorite color and style.

We have traditional style cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets, contemporary cabinets, stainless still kitchen cabinets, as well as traditional vanity cabinets, modern vanity cabinets, contemporary vanity cabinets. You can choose from framed cabinets or frameless cabinets. All kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanity are preassembled or ready to be assemble. Ready to assemble cabinets are always in stock and could be shipped as quick as the same day you order them. Preassembled cabinets may take up to 7 days to assemble and then it could be shipped to you.
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Kitchen cabinets style, finish, and color varies from deferent manufacturers

Most kitchen cabinet companies provide some kind of color code that helps consumers to make their selection easier, however the color of the cabinets may be deferent from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Nowadays it is very simple to make a selection of your kitchen cabinets. Almost every cabinetry manufacturer has an option to choose from. For instance, solid wood cabinets, particle board kitchen cabinets, medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood kitchen cabinets, stainless still kitchen cabinets, thermofoil kitchen cabinets, melamine cabinets, and plastic laminate cabinets. Besides the kitchen cabinet material you can choose whether you want framed or frameless cabinets for your kitchen.

After you have chose the cabinet material you will have to choose style and color. Most kitchen cabinets are organized in following styles: Solid raised panel door cabinets, solid raised center panel cabinets, veneer raised center panel cabinets, veneer slab door cabinets, solid slab front door cabinets, solid reversed raised center panel cabinets, veneer flat center panel kitchen cabinets, and solid profiled drawer front cabinet. Even though there is only few types of kitchen cabinet styles, every company will name them differently!

Kitchen cabinets finish and color are organized into following categories: Rustic Adler cabinets, maple kitchen cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets, oak kitchen cabinets, anden kitchen cabinets, Crandall kitchen cabinets, Monterey kitchen cabinets, alder kitchen cabinets, teaberry kitchen cabinets. It is very important to have in mind that cabinets made of natural wood will have a different color by itself even before it has been processed.
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Cabinet Door Samples Styles And Colors

Would you like to see how your new kitchen or vanity will look like before spending lots of money? Get the sample kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity door now! You can simply place this cabinet door against your kitchen countertop or along the wall right next to your kitchen cabinets and see the difference.

All cabinet sample doors are 100% wood construction and it is available in different styles and colors. You can use this sample door just to get an idea of what your new kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity will look like, or you can use them in your showroom. We have traditional style cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets, contemporary cabinets, stainless still kitchen cabinets, as well as traditional vanity cabinets, modern vanity cabinets, contemporary vanity cabinets.

Get creative and renovate your existing kitchen cabinets! Do not waste money on kitchen cabinet refinishing. Refinishing of old kitchen cabinets will cost you almost as if you would buy a brand new kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind, that in your existing kitchen most abuse are being done to cabinet door and hinges, and not to the cabinet box or frame itself. In return you will get your old kitchen with a slightly fresh look or the same cabinets in a different color. Buy purchasing sample cabinet doors you can turn your existing kitchen in to two tone kitchen. In return you will get a brand new kitchen look with a brand new cabinet doors, and if your existing kitchen is out of style you can simply make it traditional, modern or contemporary style by changing the style of your kitchen cabinet doors.
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